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Lovely Melts

KREED HIM Luxury Diffuser

KREED HIM Luxury Diffuser

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KREED HIM Luxury Reed Diffuser 

Expertly blended notes include dark fruits and Bergamot, complimented with hints of Rose, Dry Birch, Musk and Vanilla. Similar in type and identity to the very popular high end men's aftershave but in no way affiliated with the original scent. 

Hand Crafted using premium ingredients, our Lovely Melts Luxury Diffusers are specifically crafted to deliver a strong scent for your chosen space. This product contains approx 100ml of Diffuser solution in a circular glass bottle, 8 premium black Reed Sticks and is presented beautifully boxed as shown, making it a perfect gift too!

Kreed Him is also available to purchase in a Soy Wax Melt.


  • Place Diffuser in a well ventilated area and never directly onto any surface in case of spillage which can result in surfaces being damaged (always place on a plate or tray for example to protect furniture).
  • Unscrew Silver cap from bottle and carefully remove travel plug seal.  (Always remove the cap in an area which cannot be damaged in case of spillage).
  • Screw Silver Cap back on and add all black Reeds. Wait 10 minutes then turn all Reeds. 
  • After this, flip all reeds once a week.
  • If scent is too strong or Diffuser solution is reducing too fast, remove some Reeds. 
  • Keep out of direct sunlight (this will cause the Diffuser to evaporate much more quickly). The warmer the area the faster a Diffuser solution will reduce. 
  • To avoid possible irritation please use gloves when handling. 


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