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Lovely Melts



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Washing Line Fresh Luxury Reed Diffuser 

Experience the refreshing scent of freshly hung laundry on a spring day, thanks to a perfect blend of floral notes and precious woods that leave a clean, fresh fragrance throughout your home or office, A very fresh and floral aroma that fills any space with the essence of nature.

Hand Crafted using premium ingredients, our Lovely Melts Luxury Diffusers are specifically crafted to deliver a strong scent for your chosen space. This product contains approx 100ml of Diffuser solution in a circular glass bottle, 8 premium black Reed Sticks and is presented beautifully boxed as shown, making it a perfect gift too!

Washing Line Fresh is also available to purchase in a Soy Wax Melt.


  • Place Diffuser in a well ventilated area and never directly onto any surface in case of spillage which can result in surfaces being damaged (always place on a plate or tray for example to protect furniture).
  • Unscrew Silver cap from bottle and carefully remove travel plug seal.  (Always remove the cap in an area which cannot be damaged in case of spillage).
  • Screw Silver Cap back on and add all black Reeds. Wait 10 minutes then turn all Reeds. 
  • After this, flip all reeds once a week.
  • If scent is too strong or Diffuser solution is reducing too fast, remove some Reeds. 
  • Keep out of direct sunlight (this will cause the Diffuser to evaporate much more quickly). The warmer the area the faster a Diffuser solution will reduce. 
  • To avoid possible irritation please use gloves when handling. 






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